2 + 3 = Parpar


But say you’re floundering a bit … Infusion Principle and Your Advisory Board Online are here to with the Introduction to the Six (Infusion) Principles of Business.

This collection of insightful thoughts, allegories, observations and pointers delivered to you business inspiration that is uniquely YOU.


Effective people appear in different walks of life with varied life experience, and they get things done. They stand apart by cultivating the ability to be productive. Productivity thrives on momentum and creates sustainability.  Find out more.

Blog Posts

5 Reasons Why “Sales” Is Not a Dirty Word

“People don’t like to be sold, but they love to buy.” – Jeffrey Gitomer When you think of “sales” or “selling,” what’s the first word that comes to mind? Daniel Pink, the New York Times bestselling author of To Sell is Human, posed this question as part of a research survey. “Pushy” was the most […]

Sales is not a dirty word

5 Reasons Why Adaptability Will Help You Stand Apart in Life

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” – Jimmy Dean In an episode of Chopped, the popular cooking contest on Food Network, one of the participants dropped a large portion of his finished dish on the floor. The rules of this high-stakes competition […]

Adapt to Innovate



Infusion Principle started with a manifesto.
It drives every action we take, how we serve you, and how we show up.
It is our commitment to you AND to ourselves.
We live by it. Embrace differences.
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Tale of Parpar the Raccoon

Hi! What is your name?

Mine is ParPar, and I will be your special friend forever. I will take care for you, and show you how to take care of yourself if you want to help others.

My mask is my identity, all me, authentic, but in different roles – sometimes I’ll be a coach, or a boss, a leader, an explorer, teacher, assistant… You have your hats that you wear during day, I have masks and they represent freedom of my personality, to be everything I want to.

Through my masks I’ll show you how you can become everything that You want to be. They are distinctive and they sparkle, especially at night when I use them to cast light and show you all the beauties of your dreams.

During day I’ll provide you all the fresh and lovely resources so that we can together explore every option to make your dream reality. I am dexterous in finding best goodies that will assist you in reaching abundance in life – personal and professional.

I am hard worker but I know how to have fun too. My curiosity, positive energy and generosity is infectious. I will protect you and support in difficult times, help you stay balanced and recover your strength.