Core Team



Iva Ignjatovic

Alignment, Project Manager

She is a keen observer of people. Her genuine desire to understand their needs, behaviors and actions has led to (over) a decade-long career as a successful marketing, business and communication strategist. She’s Got This! A curious and creative thinker, Iva yearns to explore and analyze the dynamics between global similarities and individual differences. She is an ingenious artist who believes that success is not a destination, but a journey. According to her, instead of chasing the mirage of perfection, all of us should strive for constant motion and progress in order to live the life of our dreams. Iva’s passion for guiding people to achieve their goals ethically, optimally and on trustworthy, long-lasting foundations is truly transformational. This is an inspiring woman who leads determinedly and lives wholeheartedly.

What Brings Iva the Greatest Joy:

Professionally, I revel in a ‘job well done’. I enjoy watching my clients succeed, and am a huge proponent of diversity and differentiation. Personally, I love animals, nature, rain, good tea, and single malt. Watching the raindrops fall from a grey sky onto dew-kissed lawns while sipping a hot cup of tea is my version of paradise!

What Iva Thinks About the You’ve Got This Manifesto:

You’ve Got This represents actions, trust, people and their unlimited qualities, which shall be combined and used for inter-personal growth and global development. The idea of a new world where people actually listen to and nurture each other, while providing business support where and when needed, hugely appeals to me. It is a creative, unconventional, supportive, developing concept. In essence, You’ve Got This is the future of marketing and business, and I am happy to contribute to the best of my abilities.

Christine L. Bowen

Fireworks, Visual Presentation

She’s Got This! Christine is an authentic, amiable and artistic ‘Network Marketing’ professional who believes in living life to the highest potential. As the co-creator of The Create.Live.Be movement, she is dedicated to empowering novice and experienced entrepreneurs to make their dreams come true and experience the lifestyle they were designed to live. Christine’s mantra is to ‘Create It with vision, Live It through action and Be It as a result’, and she practices what she preaches every single day. Here is a woman who leads by example and stimulates others to do the same.

What Brings Christine the Greatest Joy:

Listening to music, sipping on a great bottle of red, and being surrounded by people who allow me to be who I am, and also inspire me to be the best of who I am.

What Christine Thinks About the You’ve Got This Manifesto:

Its mission resonates with me. The show aims to awaken the inner entrepreneur spirit of business owners, and have their business line up with their values, beliefs, and how they want to be in business. I too believe that in order to achieve our highest level of excellence, our head, heart, and hands must be in alignment.





Pamela Barroway

Say It Straight, Copywriting & Editing

With nearly 20 years of marketing communications experience, Pam is skilled at improving the effectiveness of online or offline content through thorough expert editing, copywriting and proofreading. Staunchly believing that clear, engaging content generates powerful connections, she plays with words, sentences and paragraphs to produce unified and unforgettable copy that resonates with the appropriate audience. In her words: “Editing and copywriting are the path through which to hone any project and attain this goal. That’s my passion, and why I’m here.” Sleek, stylish and stunning – that’s Pam Barroway for you! She’s Got this!

What Brings Pam the Greatest Joy:

A warm (but not too buggy) day spent doing something relaxing with my husband and son.

What Pam Thinks About the You’ve Got This Manifesto:

I love this part: “Expand. Begin anywhere. Get moving.” Once I made up a saying to encourage my son to finish getting washed, writing thank you notes etc: “To get done you’ve got to get started.” Truth is, this saying applies equally to me. Sometimes I need to get off my butt (figuratively speaking) and begin working on … whatever!

Krithika Rangarajan (Kitty)

Talent, Passionate Writer

With a bachelor’s in electrical engineering and a master’s in telecommunication, it’s no surprise that Kitty’s brilliance sends sparks shooting across the Internet, from her blog to Google Plus, and all over social media. Kitty says, “Social media introduced me to some awe-inspiring visionaries and entrepreneurs.” She’s Got This!

What Brings Kitty the Greatest Joy:

Words have seduced and strengthened me since childhood.

What Kitty Thinks About the You’ve Got This Manifesto:

Infusion Principle celebrates the power of being real, genuine, innovative and FUN, which is highly appealing! In today’s socially-driven digital world, success favors those putting people before profits by forging trust-based relationships with their audiences. Infusion Principle exemplifies this credo – and differentiates itself – by being for and of business owners, thereby crafting a platform for creativity and collaboration.