An Infusion Principle of Adventure: Charting, Chance and the Future (You’ve Got This Online Summit (Part 3 of 3)

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(Continued from Part 2)

Planning the Flow: Serendipity or Studied?

I think having the event as one long stream has been genius, even though you can watch each session individually. Each person picked up on something that the previous person spoke about. And it flowed beautifully. Kittie Walker

Kittie and Meloney appreciated the cohesiveness of the show, and wondered whether this “flow” was planned or pure luck! (View the replay of the Summit’s Day 3 check-in during the Women in Business HOA in Part 1 of this series.)

Well, we were glad they asked because it was a combination of both. Sometimes the stars align perfectly to create something more wondrous than what you had intended.

Planning the Flow: Serendipity or Studied?
Planning the Flow: Serendipity or Studied?

While we were sure about opening and/or ending every day with a spiritual message, the final order was by happenstance! There were some last minute surprises that led to a unified message on each day.

It was awesome that all the pieces were there. They had all been discovered. We just needed to put them together in different way, and we were able to do that and start the day very clearly and concisely, which was a great unexpected turn. Jessica Dewell

Our dear friend and cherished team member, Christine L. Bowen, offered to launch the Youve Got This summit on her show – CLB Live. Her surprising gesture was an honor, and the best way to introduce our venture to the world. We were surrounded by some of our favorite well-wishers, which set the right intention, energy and tone for the event.

Once her show was planned, it just made sense to let the Its Your Business Show – another spoke of Infusion Principle – set the purpose for the remaining days. Hence, we put our heads together to figure out how to make this entire experience as seamless and smooth as possible for our viewers.

To this end, we pinpointed some common elements in the stories of our speakers, then packaged and presented them as our Core Message of the Day during the beginning of each session. These daily themes turned out to be immensely inspiring for our audience. We were incredibly fortunate to gather these amazing people and watch the story unfold the way it did.

In my opinion, when you do any big event, it is important to keep a momentum going. You only had short breaks, so the momentum of the huge train could maintain its speed and its tone. Meloney Hall

The energy, excitement and love of our amazing associates and audience members fueled us to be the best hosts possible throughout the summit.

Hop Along With Us, Entrepreneurs

The Youve Got This summit was a highly educational experience for the entire team of Infusion Principle. Despite moments of discouragement and doubts, we always had each other’s back, and that – to us – is the best kind of partnership!

We, as Infusion Principle team, are extremely fortunate to have so many people pulling for us. It gives us enormous pleasure to step back and joyously claim that we took steps to realize an ambitious dream with the assistance of an enterprising group of professionals.

But the Infusion Principle adventure has just begun. We promise that the ride is only going to get bigger and better from here!

Are you ready to reclaim your life and forge the existence of your dreams? Yes? Then hop on with us!

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