An Infusion Principle of Adventure: Journey’s Start (You’ve Got This Online Summit, Part 1 of 3)

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We started with this one vision [which] wasnt complete. Every step of the way, something new came up and we are like, Yeah! This needs to be included. It is not complete without this piece too. Jessica Dewell

First Leg of Our Trek: Youve Got This Online Summit

We don’t typically do things the normal way. Nora Whalen

Infusion Principle Adventure
Infusion Principle Adventure

From the very beginning, we decided to break rules! After creating a Youve Got This manifesto to act as our mission statement, we put together a LIVE online summit of fifteen speakers who would empower and encourage our audience to unleash their unlimited potential in all facets of life. While the concept of an online summit is not new, this is the first time (to our knowledge) that Hangouts and YouTube have been utilized in a live event with an involved audience, who could interact with us, our speakers and each other.

Although the Youve Got This summit was a success, the going was not always smooth. We encountered potholes of various shades, sizes and shapes. But these ruts only added more color to our endeavor. Our “obstacles” imparted valuable insights that will prove extremely beneficial as we continue on this bumpy adventure of molding Infusion Principle into a pertinent resource for entrepreneurs while inching towards their goal of a passionate, prosperous and profitable life.

The day before our Summit ended, we sat down with Meloney Hall and Kitti Walker on their Women in Business Hangout On Air to have a tête-à-tête about what happened behind-the-scenes as we planned, prepared and presented our venture to the world.


Youve Got This Online Summit: The Business Model

Your big idea did not start out as a block where you chipped parts away [but rather] more like a flower arrangement, where you start with the base and put the loveliness in it. Hence, you didnt chip away; you added upon. Meloney Hall

We made some subtle and some not-so-subtle tweaks in our business model to make sure we didn’t get lost in the crowd. Following were a few ways we differentiated this undertaking:

  1. By Airing It LIVE: Unlike pre-recorded summits or voice-only webinars, our event was live, and involved both audio and video. The Hangout On Air functionality allowed us to communicate with our audience in real time, which made the sessions more interactive.
  2. By Utilizing a Pay Per View Model: Some business models request a big payment up front for complete access to their products and services. We wanted to mix it up by first offering a live FREE event because of the potential for on-air interaction and feedback. We also wanted to support those who couldn’t make all the shows, since watching a four-hour-long marathon can be tough on a summer weekend. Hence, we provided free access for a limited period of time, beyond which viewing was on a pay-per-view basis. This strategy induced a sense of urgency and attracted those entrepreneurs who genuinely wanted to sample our summit.
  3. By Having One Continuous Session: Most summits are pre-recorded over a much longer period of time, making it easier for them to space out the sessions. We opted for a four-hour session, with 10-15 minute breaks between each speaker. While this stretch was hard on us and our team, the audience seemed to find our sessions energizing and exhilarating.
  4. By Tackling a Variety of Topics: Unlike topic-centric seminars with a specific area of focus, we chose to offer a more wholesome perspective of business. We covered a myriad of topics – such as spirituality, internal communication, customer service and finance – in order to resonate with a much larger target audience.

I have 10 years worth of rubbish on my Google Drive that I am never going to watch. So I think your model is really clever. If someone really wants to watch it, they will be motivated to do it in the moment and hopefully engage as well. Kittie Walker

We hope that these tactics allowed our audience to get to know us a little bit, see what we are about and watch our manifesto in action. In addition, the summit also gave viewers the chance to check out our prolific partners whose values align with ours. Together, we hope to take Infusion Principle to even greater heights.



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