An Infusion Principle of Adventure: People Power (You’ve Got This Online Summit, Part 2 of 3)

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(Continued from Part 1)

Backbone of Infusion Principle the You’ve Got This Summit: The People

We kept getting help. This really has taken a village to put together. I had no idea we would need this many people, and we could probably [use] a few more. Nora Whalen

Neither of us had any prior event management experience on this scale. Hence, we clearly needed to assemble a panel of experts to manage our back-end efforts. But, regardless of being blessed with a magnificent core group, the truth is that we could have used a lot more help!

How Did the Core Team Come Together?

We “reconned” our potential partners by following and interacting with them online and offline. Gaining a wholesome understanding of a person’s traits, talents and temperament is crucial to gathering a cohesive, committed and creative team.

Based on our assessment, we created a spreadsheet with the type of skills needed and the list of people who would befit those requirements. Then we started opening the doors for conversations about our ambitious project. We continued our discussion with those who seemed animated about our venture and were happy to back us, while respecting the wishes of those who didn’t want to contribute.

Its really neat to have these people who want to align with us, who see the vision; [their enthusiasm] carries the positive energy and flow as much or more than me and Nora. Jessica Dewell

None of the designated tasks were set in stone! We were quite flexible and switched roles if someone’s hidden skill set suddenly became apparent. This resilience allowed us to effectively harness the potential of our team members.

We are very grateful to our core team, our speakers and our audience for going beyond their call of duty and embracing our dream as their own.

Infusion Principle People Power
Infusion Principle People Power

This Village Keeps Growing

We were always worried about being “shorthanded” since both of us were shaping this event with the minimum amount of people possible. Organizing a big event is quite draining – physically, mentally and emotionally – in good and bad ways! Innumerable details commanded our attention, but, unfortunately, there are only so many hours in a day and we couldn’t be everywhere.

We would prefer a larger group next time in order to disperse the tasks more efficiently and reduce the stress on individual members.

For instance, we want to ramp up social media promotions for our next event by recruiting more people to promote it across the networks. Engaging our audience on social platforms will increase the visibility of Infusion Principle and forge mutually-satisfying relationships with fellow entrepreneurs.

We know that with any technology there are going to be things that we need to plan for, so all we can do is have thought about it as much as possible, which we could not have done by ourselves. We have a great team. Jess and Nora

Of course, our magnificent technical team – comprising Susan Finch, Debi Davis and Phil Bowyer – took over during the show. Debi handled the green room planning like a pro and also facilitated the slide presentations; Susan effectually managed the comments and made sure we were alert at all times; Phil was instrumental in maintaining the momentum of the show by ensuring everything was working smoothly.

In all, our village is constantly expanding, and we are both psyched to collaborate with other visionaries as this explorative journey continues. Just being around such amazing people gives us an adrenaline high!



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