Become An Advisor

Contributing to Successful Businesses!

The intention: collaborate with you to increase the success of businesses enhancing the lives of people and adding value to our global community. We come into this world with a gift to share with the world. Those innate or learned skills that are second nature to us bring us both immense opportunity and a very constrained box. Owning a business, participating in a team, or straight-up freelancer … it’s hard enough as it is, why go it alone?

Together we can create an environment of potential.

Which at Infusion Principle we call Parpar. A box doesn’t have to be a box; 2+3 does not have to equal 5 (see, it can equal Parpar). We mold and shape ideas into something unique for our individual journey and through collaboration ideas and concepts grow and adapt.

Let’s connect. Drop me a note and let’s start the conversation about your expertise and how together we can create value for others that want to continue learning and growing as well!

Jess understands the power of community, and more importantly the ability to leverage specific knowledge at the right time. Choosing who we want to surround ourselves with is only part of defining your success. The Infusion Principle team, which we want you to be part of as an Advisor, allows us to face our choice to contribute to our community by the work we do.

People participating in Your Advisory Board want to learn more about running a business, to understand each of the moving parts, and choose to learn to make decisions right for them. The sparkle each person brings, when they sign up for Your Advisory Board, starts with how can they better serve themselves, their teams, and their businesses (because working on their own or part of a team – they believe they bring something unique adding value to a business).

YOU! bring the sparkle.

Yes, SPARKLE through your excitement, understanding how the bits that bring joy fit into a bigger picture, and experience that adds context.

Passion (um, the sparkle) is contagious and sometimes difficult to describe – it’s easier to experience. Contributions from focused and supportive individuals creates an awareness of building a whole business/team, instead of one that is skewed. The ability and knowledge you bring allows people to connect different way, deepen their desire to know success, and creating connections to surround themselves with people that will cheer them on their journey.

The expertise you bring, filled with passion, provide motivated individuals an opportunity excel in their role by better understanding how to support others, live their dreams today, and be open to opportunity. Your area of expertise fits into one of the Six (Infusion) Principles of Business: