Begin with Collaboration for Team Expansion

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Owning a business is fantastic: income comes from multiple clients or a product, and experience delivered and forward momentum stays completely in your control. Yet a time comes when every business requires more resources.

Of course, one can “creatively develop” entry level positions to complete a job for the least amount of money. While a great way to test systems and processes, such dead-end roles have high turnover in the long run because people want to grow, change and provide value.

How about starting with those you know? Beginning with collaboration takes pressure off and adds benefits because you:

  • see how such colleagues work and deliver over time;
  • understand the worker’s demonstration of values, and how their ideals align with the business;
  • can hand off processes and systems;
  • see how individuals add their personality to the process; and
  • confirm the task delegated is indeed one that is not the highest, best use of your time.

Ultimately, those you choose to work with are your greatest asset. When you find people whose strengths are additive to, and reinforce the purpose of, the company culture, a path harnessing the energy, experience and exchange will emerge – thereby solidifying marketplace positioning.