Counterintuitive Truth: It’s EASIER to Build Ideas with Input from Others

Business Planning Strategy

When I start working on an idea, it’s riddled with unexpected problems.

Seriously, the most cool thing about one’s mind and ability to creatively dream can also be the biggest obstacle.

No, I’m not going to tell you to get out of your own way.

I am saying that everything inside your head – for as long as the knowledge resides there – is perfect. Behind the scenes all sorts of ideas are incorporated … to the extent that the brain possesses the information.Read More

Your business begins and ends with you.

Your business begins and ends with you

Neil Diamond fans, I am singing “The Story of My Life” along side you.

With these lyrics in mind … who holds YOU accountable to the best interests of the business? Short answer: it’s more than just you. A mentor, a coach (business or life), a consultant, an advisor each play a role that allows you to make more informed decisions, which makes a better decision possible. People who fill each of these roles contribute to business success; when you choose them carefully, add them to your trusted circle, and consider the information – that in the end – you choose to use or not.

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Five (+1) Reasons NOT to Use Social Media Marketing

Social Media Good and Bad News

More than 1.39 billion monthly users are active on Facebook.

Around 350,000 tweets are sent out every minute.

More than 1 billion boards have been created on Pinterest.

Around 70 billion photos are shared through the Instagram app every day.

One in three professionals on this planet is on LinkedIn.

The explosive rise of social networks has transformed customers from passive onlookers with minimal control to powerful influencers with minimal tolerance for disruptive marketing techniques. Today, brands have to earn the love, respect and support of their audience by being sincere, self-effacing, stimulating, solicitous and satisfying.Read More