Flying with the Uncomfortable

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The It’s Your Business show was conceived to celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship takes courage, creativity and commitment. Business owners face multiple internal and external roadblocks on a daily basis. Unfortunately, a lot of us spend too much time worrying about what is out of our control, which makes us uncomfortable, zaps our confidence and leads to self-doubt. Those who succeed leave very little room for uncertainty because they are self-aware.

Self-awareness can be described as being cognizant about one’s desires, feelings, personality, values, mission, and goals. An intuitive grasp of oneself allows us to manage our businesses honestly, joyously and profitably.

Self-Awareness and Purposeful Action

“What I love about our team is that we are safe enough and close enough, anytime something bothers us, we can express our opinions in a way that we are going to be heard, supported” – Jessica Dewell

The You’ve Got This summit was a huge success, primarily because the members of our core team had a clear understanding of their respective talents. Our individual self-awareness left no room for insecurity or one-upmanship. Instead, we engaged in open and objective communication, which resulted in a fun atmosphere of learning and sharing.

Recognizing what you bring to the table permits you to present yourself authentically and forge trust-based relationships. Possessing the clarity of whom you are and who you are working with leads to purposeful action.

Self-Awareness and Brand Story

“Yes, knowing your target audience and product is great, but understanding what your brand stands for is paramount to making an emotional connection” – Jessica Dewell

Businesses that leave an indelible mark on our psyche understand that in order to emotionally resonate with their clients, they have to step out from behind the veil of obscurity to present their human side. Branding is more than just logos and taglines. It is an opportunity to communicate your brand story and let people know what makes you YOU.

Be open, vulnerable and transparent, which is only possible when you are able to define and describe who you are – at your core. Indeed, self-awareness is mandatory to establish a memorable brand identity.

Self-Awareness and Self-Confidence

“If we really know yourself – you, your heart, your brain in alignment – you know that whatever decision has to be made is just going to get the information to make everything else to fall into place to continue to move forward” – Jessica Dewell

Have you ever wondered why some people seem so self-assured under not-so-ideal circumstances? Truth is, their poise and grace stems from their innate recognition and acceptance of who they are. Self-aware professionals take immediate action – even when they are not ready – whenever they spot a dissonance between their direction and their goal.

Being connected to your core-self begets a trust in your decision-making skills, which allows you to respond in a timely fashion to untimely circumstances

Self-Awareness and Growth

“I know when I am there, I am growing, I am looking for the gift from the universe that I can be whatever I want to be.” – Jessica Dewell

Flying with the Uncomfortable
Flying with the Uncomfortable

No one wants to experience trials and tribulations. BUT if you wish to grow as a person and a professional, you have to embrace discomfort and forge ahead through turbulent skies. Just like it takes manure to create beautiful flowers, challenges act as invaluable lessons for a brighter future.

A wholesome understanding and acceptance of yourself will assist your creative flow and empower you to choose (and maintain) the appropriate course path in life. You will stop living in the past and think about what can be in the future because of what you know now. Self-awareness transforms your discomfort into a wondrous opportunity to make a highly positive impact in this world. Not to forget, you will have tons of fun in your explorative journey as an entrepreneur!

Are you feeling creatively empowered?!