I don’t know what a Parpar is.

When credentials come into play, “knowing the rules” serves as one influence; another is stability, which generates room to create … in other words, Josh’s Parpar!

Though not knowing what life will bring, Josh works hard not only to ensure a stable work environment for his team, but also to take an active part in the lives of his wife and sons. To accomplish these goals, he’s searching for a partner who offers resourceful, trustworthy information he looks forward to receiving. With a full business calendar and an active family life, one of Josh’s most important aims is to use the knowledge during time carefully set aside.

Coming soon

More than absolutes, 2+3 = Parpar creates a space to build systems and structures fitting the definition of the life you want. Representing a wealth of inspired, experienced support, Your Advisory Board can further your quest by offering:

  • In-depth knowledge of information, providing a foundation for fully thought-out plans.
  • Additional structure for comfort with and confidence in learning about new topics.
  • Methods for positioning yourself/your business to run without you, through procedures that allow one to step away from work and toward other areas of life.
  • Thought-provoking details serving to evolve existing processes and relationships.
  • Ways to create specific step-by-step programs, guided by the Your Advisory Board.
  • A schedule of events.
  • The opportunity for subscribing to a service available to all leaders within a single business – thereby creating accountability at every level.
  • Guidance to ensure you are exposed to – and actively think about – each area of business, every year.