Ideas. Chemistry. Kindred Spirits. Breaking Rules to Achieve Wondrous! (Part 2 of 3)

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(Continued from Part 1)

Amassing Our A-Team

“In terms of how collaboration works, seek out people who stretch you and challenge you – and cause you to think differently about things.” – Ray Hiltz

Jess and Nora

There was no hidden agenda when we first got together. We didn’t seek each other with the expectation that we would become associates. Our partnership was just a natural progression of a sweet and sincere friendship.

Several times during the show, Christine smiled and wondered how we knew that this partnership would work.

It is hard to describe WHY we were drawn towards each other. But, with every conversation, our camaraderie shone brighter, and we didn’t want such a “divine connection” – as Christine would say – to go in vain.

“They recognized the unique and powerful gift that had been handed to them – that is, their ability to collaborate and, as a greater whole bring, bring so much more of their gifts to other people’s lives, for lifting them up and enhancing them. It takes courage to grab onto somebody or a dream together like that.” – Ande Lyon

Don’t mistake us for groupies though! If you want a YES-MAN, get into politics. A business partnership will succeed ONLY if there is room for healthy disagreements.

Ande Lyons – another benevolent mutual friend – thinks of partnerships as “evolutions,” which makes a lot of sense. As people change, so do relationships. Similarly, your business collaboration can evolve only if there is some sort of a contrast between the partners. Being armored with the same ideas actually stunts your development.

While the two of us have several similar interests and values – such as tea 😉 – it is important to remember that we are also individuals with distinctive proficiencies, priorities, perspectives and personalities.

But instead of letting our “opposite traits” bog us down, we allow them to further ignite our creativity, push our limits and support each other. We have enough room to have amazing conversations, dream big and decide our direction together.

This way, when one of us has a bad day or is feeling overwhelmed, the other one says, “No worries! I got this.”

And knowing that someone is going to pick you up during an off-period is a priceless feeling.

“What I love about partnering with Nora in this amazing journey is that we are not an exact match. Each of us has our own interests and passion that we bring to the table; in that way, we get to move forward on multiple initiatives at once. So we get to go slow and smell the roses, and fast at the same time, I guess.” – Jessica Dewell

In other words, it’s not as important to find someone who completes you – because, really, the imperfect YOU is capable of wondrous achievements. Instead, get together with the person who complements you flawlessly.

We were just very fortunate to not only have stumbled onto each other, but also to have assembled an all-star team of experts who have transformed an uphill trek into an uplifting adventure.

Our Board Council Members

A lot of it is getting to know someone and observing what they are doing.” – Nora Whalen

Breaking Rules to Achieve Wondrous!

When you possess a vibrant vision and are willing to take decisive actions to realize your desires, others are willing to fall in stride with you. Infusion Principle came to fruition so quickly ONLY BECAUSE of our energizing team who wholeheartedly supported – and enhanced – our ideas with their love, light and laughter.

But just like you don’t walk up to a stranger and ask if he or she would mind working with you – don’t just randomly invite people to contribute to your vision. Spend some time getting to “know” these potential team members. Divulge your thoughts and see who gets excited about them, and which parts of your notions entice them the most.

After lucidly comprehending and communicating your purpose, start “tracking” to find collaborators who might befit your requirements.

Vetting out your prospective collaborators, clients and customers honestly and appreciatively is crucial to entrepreneurial success. By identifying their exceptional talents and exclusive temperaments, you can designate tasks more successfully.

We both spent a lot of time figuring out the likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses of our team members BEFORE reaching out to them. And we hope everyone who chose to work with us did the same, because gaining a deeper understanding of your co-workers permits you to forge profounder connections.

“I treasure everybody who pops into my life and blesses me with inspiration and insights and courage, words of wisdom, and it comes from the most impromptu, random sources sometimes. To me, that’s where the possibilities and collaborations are.” – Ande Lyons

In addition, we both were not averse to switching up tasks between members either, especially if someone displays hidden potential in a different area! Being flexible is key to a profitable and pleasurable working environment.

And when you have a creative, compassionate and committed team like ours, it is impossible NOT to enjoy entrepreneurship! Just trust your team, treat them right and give them the green signal to take your vision to a much higher level!

Why Infusion Principle: The Back Story


“The 2+3 of Infusion Principle is the infinite possibility of what is already inside your heart, what’s already inside your mind – and you can let those two work together and even separately to see what the possibility might be.” – Jessica Dewell

Neither of us would have ever dreamt of initiating such an ambitious venture within six months. But sometimes the stars are aligned and miracles happen!

We wanted to create an innovative council for entrepreneurs who were stuck, lost or just needed a tiny nudge to start fashioning the life of their dreams.

We wanted them to feel supported, inspired and cherished. We wanted to reassure them that progress trumps perfection any day. We wanted to let them know that it is okay to NOT have all the answers. We wanted them to recognize that business can be extremely gratifying with proper guidance, focus and planning.

Most of all, we wanted them to know that they were not alone.

To this end, the first thing we ever did was create our “You’ve Got This” manifesto, which was, thankfully, very well received. The motto of the manifesto was to commemorate our glorious imperfections and chaotic messes without losing our drive, diligence or desire to lead a meaningful existence. It is our bylaw that directs our intentions and actions every step of the way.

“The manifesto is all of it and a bag of muffins. Truly, for me, it defines how we should approach business, which is what drew me to the both of you.” – Christine L. Bowen

While compiling this manifesto was a fun experience, we had the hardest time defining what Infusion Principle was all about and how we could describe our concept to everybody else. After sifting through multiple business names – all nice, but none FELT right – Jessica accidentally blurted, “2 + 3 = Marshmallow,” something she spotted in an article.

Now, our math teachers maintained that 2 + 3 = 5. So what was this weird equation all about anyway? The more we discussed it, the more seamlessly it seemed to align with our mission, which was to break the rules that don’t work for YOU and pave your own road of success!

In other words, 2 + 3 doesn’t have to equal five anymore. For us, this equation meant that we have the permission to think outside the box, change the shape of the box or maybe even not have a box. It’s a wondrous feeling to challenge existing norms and perceive things from a different angle. Isn’t that what creativity is all about?

“My idea of creativity is to solve a problem or meet a goal without a template or a net using all your resources. Nothing is new under the sun, but it is new if it comes from you, and if it comes from an authentic you, I think it is special, it is creative.” – Ray Hilz

Creativity surrounds us. And it is up to us to get inspired by its bountiful beauty. By interpreting an existing idea through the lens of our intuition and imagination, we were able to lend meaning to our mission.

Consequently, 2 + 3 = Parpar and Infusion Principle came to be!

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