Ideas. Chemistry. Kindred Spirits. Peers with Visionary Thoughts, Sharing to Strengthen Us All! (Part 3 of 3)

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(Continued from Part 2)

A Summit Par Excellence

It’s amazing to think about … how somebody else’s idea and the way that they present it – in a high level overview – might allow [a philosophical] shift to occur.” – Jessica Dewell

Although we sowed the seeds for Infusion Principle – and were supported by a stellar team – the summit would have never been a success without our 15 esteemed speakers! To say that they left our audience flabbergasted would be an understatement.

Each of these entertaining presenters epitomized our mission through their respective messages and wowed their viewers with their inspiring insights. We don’t have enough words to convey our gratitude. They were the BEST kind of partners we needed to get Infusion Principle off to a rollicking start!

Unlike a traditional conference that focuses on one area of business, we consciously chose to include a versatile mix of topics in the You’ve Got This Online Summit. Such diversity allowed our viewers to gain a wholesome understanding of the various channels involved in attaining personal satisfaction and professional success.

“I think it’s just a really fun group of people. It is integrating both life and business. It is just a really great mix. Every single part of business gets touched and gets a little bit of attention. It is not as granular as a how-to conference, and is [in] alignment with our manifesto.” – Jess and Nora

Our goal with Infusion Principle is to urge entrepreneurs to stop treating life as a checklist and start looking at it as a stimulating exploration. We want to motivate them to not just earn a living, but LIVE every moment with pride, purpose, passion and positivity.

And the only way to honor your exclusive calling – and resonate with your target audience – is to blaze your exclusive trail. What works for somebody else might be very valuable or relevant, BUT their timing, order or the purpose might not be right for you at this moment.

In other words, you – and only YOU – have got this. We are here to support your dreams, but only YOU are aware of the best path to make them come true. If there is one key takeaway from this summit, it is this: do not compromise on your authentic self just to follow some trends. Instead, be a TRENDSETTER by respecting your wonderful eccentricities! Each one of us has a unique story. Showcase yours with oodles of genuineness and “sparkle”!

Peers with Visionary Thoughts


Entrepreneurs live in an exciting age today. Social media, in particular, is a godsend for small business owners who, for a long time, were not able to compete with the big brands! Social platforms do a fabulous job of bridging this unfair gap by allowing anyone to position themselves in the hearts of their audience by being authentic, artistic, attentive, amiable (and even audacious).

You have the opportunity to impact your target audience by narrating your story. You have the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded professionals who are willing to boost and bolster you, if you are willing to let go of petty competitiveness! You have the opportunity to become everything you want to be, and embolden YOUR followers to do the same.

“A divine connection is a person who allows you to be yourself and encourages you to be more. It is a gift that we may or may not realize we have right away. That’s part of the gift of what we receive and what we learn.” – Jess and Nora

Each of the summit participants has unhesitatingly and unconditionally shared their struggles, their fears and their accomplishments. Get motivated by their warmth, wit and wisdom to pen your own exceptional tale of success!

It’s Your Business: #BusinessMadeFun

Let your #BrillianceRipple throughout your business, your life … and everyone else’s too!

“I personally cannot wait to see the both of you in the hosting chairs. You are two women I emulate in terms of where I want to go with my business, and, again, I want to thank you from the center of my heart for including me in your wing and all that you are doing with Infusion Principle.” – Christine L. Bowen

Aside from the summit, we are also planning to co-host a show called “It’s Your Business” – this wonderful moniker is courtesy Ray Hiltz, who suggested it at an opportune moment.

We plan on sharing stories, information and ideas that will, hopefully, let entrepreneurs understand their own glorious worth and spur them to take action. During the summit, the “It’s Your Business” show featured highlights of these “edutaining” speeches. Every day, we would show snippets from the previous day, giving everybody a chance to partake in the cumulative brilliance of some path-breaking visionaries.

Our regular show will have a slightly different format, which is immensely exciting, but we will never waver from our original intention to be a friend, mentor and partner for entrepreneurs. Finally, we are also going to be putting together an Advisory Board in order to take your life and business to the next level. (A lucky member actually won six months of FREE access to these enterprising panelists!) We are hoping that many of you will benefit from the intelligence, intuition and imaginativeness of our council members so you too can lead a nourishing life – one that is nurtured by professional feats and personal fulfillment.

Although time has flown by since we first embarked on this new adventure with each other and our irreverent team, our journey of exploration has just begun.

Now, are you ready to grab chaos by the hand, say NO to mediocrity and march into new – and bountiful – era of excellence? Trust us – magic and miracles are not limited to unicorns! You too have got this!

We just went with the flow. We moved pretty fast [for] what we would consider typical. Something we would normally engage typically would not move this fast – this is very special, in that way.” – Jess and Nora

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