Ideas. Chemistry. Kindred spirits. Swaying entrepreneurial lives and the world at large! (Part 1 of 3)

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“I am so excited for what Jess and Nora are doing. For a long, long time, I think people believed that business couldn’t be fun. And so I can’t wait to infuse business with so much fun with everything they are doing with Infusion Principle” – Stephanie Sims

On February 1, 2014, we sipped our first “virtual” cup of tea in our respective homes, more than 2000 miles apart. As our herbal concoctions delighted us with their distinctive flavors, we sensed that something magical was happening between us too.

But neither of us could have predicted the multitude of blessings and happiness that would be bestowed upon us in the upcoming months.

We clearly loved each other and wanted to continue our conversations. Consequently, our “one day of tea” transformed into a weekly ritual.

We talked, we laughed, we dreamt.

Both of us were passionate about helping entrepreneurs do, be and give their best every day.

We had ideas. We had chemistry. We had the desire to make a difference in this world.

It didn’t take us too long to realize that what we needed to fulfill our dreams was each other. We were kindred spirits who were brought together to lend more meaning into our own lives and the lives of others.

So we chose to heed the loud whispers of our hearts and became partners in a venture that aimed to bolster the confidence and courage of professionals by acting as an empathetic council of support.

“Jess and Nora are full of integrity, drive, and they really walk their talk and talk their walk” – Dave Moore

Six months after that fateful first cup of tea, our joint venture – Infusion Principle – was launched.

And we chose a supremely inspirational friend of ours, Christine L. Bowen – also one of the ‘Infusion Principle’ board members – to herald this beginning.

On August 16, 2014 – surrounded by some of our favorite well-wishers on the panel – we appeared on Christine’s enriching and empowering Google Plus Hangout-on-Air, #CLBLive, to welcome our baby into this world.

Indeed, we couldn’t have chosen a better person or platform to introduce our dream. This memorable show set the foundation for an extremely successful four-day summit that pulsated with awe-inspiring tales of tenacity, transparency, trials and triumph.  We thank you from the depths of our souls, Christine!

However, #CLBLive was memorable because it went beyond Infusion Principle. This launch was an ode to the beauty of creativity, the joy of ‘divine connections’ and the addictive craziness of entrepreneurship.

“To me, it’s the connections that make the business fun. It’s who you are aligned with – if you are down, you have the other person or people to lift you up.” – Christine L. Bowen

As we watched our dear friends impart their intuitive insights about partnerships, we felt extremely thankful for having found each other and birthing Infusion Principle.  This entire experience has taught us – above all – that mutually satisfying relationships are keys to leading a bountiful life full of hope, happiness and heart.

Entrepreneurship: A Journey of Exploration

“Entrepreneurship comes down to the people for me. It is the willingness to learn new things and reach out and learn from others, and receive” – Jessica Dewell

Ideas. Chemistry. Kindred Spirits.
Ideas. Chemistry. Kindred Spirits.

Entrepreneurship is embraced for diverse reasons:

  • To have the freedom of setting your own hours, charging your own prices and landing your preferred clients;
  • To provide a unique and beneficial solution for an existing problem;
  • To honor our calling by blazing a distinctive trail of success against the most challenging odds;
  • To make a positive difference in this world and thereby lead a meaningful existence;
  • To create something so profoundly special that it empowers others to soar into the skies of success;
  • To take an active part in your business instead of just being another spoke in the corporate machine wheel;
  • To bring their creative ideas to culmination on their own terms; and
  • To follow a trend just because your friends are embarking on this journey.

Barring the last motive – which is the worst reason for wanting to be an entrepreneur – the remaining five are very valid explanations to become a business owner.

“Entrepreneurship is cutting your own path, finding your own journey, pursuing your own passion, and sticking to it regardless of the naysayers, with wisdom and courage and passion and love and collaboration” – Lany Sullivan

Regardless of why you chose to branch out on your own, our experience has taught that any effective entrepreneur has five prevailing characteristics:

  • Imaginative vision
  • Invigorating connections
  • Ingenuous empathy
  • Indomitable spirit
  • Intuitive resilience

Before you can convince someone else to invest in your vision, however, you need to first embrace it wholeheartedly. Clearly comprehending your purpose and transparently communicating it to others will draw in the right circle of peers. These objective well-wishers will then unconditionally and unquestioningly guide you through this often tumultuous journey of entrepreneurship.

Yes, owning a business CAN BE FUN, friends, so long as you are willing to share your ideas, reach out and seek help, unreservedly receive assistance, and, most importantly, learn from others.

“Entrepreneurship is a mindset, an attitude, a spirit” – Christine L. Bowen

Prosperous entrepreneurs quickly realize that they are not – and should not – work alone. The give-and-take that happens when you allow yourself to enfold fellow entrepreneurs into your fold is quite invaluable.

We are living this reality every day and so can you!

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