Is this a waste of my time?

Hey! The answer is…

It is your dream. Your goal, ambition, desire to contribute what you know to society. Rationally, there is a box individuals fit into – a world with defined rules to live by. Sound logic, right? Even so, those rules don’t outline who a person is, or what one can know or do with that information. The universal truth of individuality is what 2+3=Parpar is all about.

Learn at your own pace in your own time. Achieve business acumen.

Existing for YOU, Your Advisory Board has the ability to bring together leaders in specific fields in one place … made available to you anytime, anywhere!
Your Advisory Board covers six areas of business each year. Learn from experts sharing insights on:

  • Lead Vivaciously
  • Cultivate Self-Inspiration
  • Finance Plan Ingenuity
  • Sparkling Sales Recipe
  • Quality-Driven Strategies
  • Forever (Biz) Scholars
Coming soon

Each piece affects the others; your understanding of these six main parts (and their subcategories) will positively influence your position.

The need to move fluidly between specific details and the big picture makes or breaks results. Both skills are necessary for accomplishing the difficult task of digging into processes and figuring out what works – AND THEN stepping back, thinking through decisions and holding them to your business purpose.

Your Advisory Board offers presentations accompanied by a question and answer session. (Yes, you can submit specific questions for a live reply during the talk!) Every “big idea” discussion is formatted to ignite ideas relevant to your specific goals.

The Your Advisory Board library is a living resource of searchable information in the form of blog posts, talks and Q&As, categorized by business area and tagged by speaker. Go beyond working IN your business by using this repository of knowledge to work ON your business. Separating tasks and goals this way helps sharpen one’s focus in learning to improve levels of understanding about sustaining a whole-business.

Subscribe to Your Advisory Board Online and immediately access:

  • Schedule of upcoming events.
  • Library of past talks, articles and other resources.
  • Weekly summary with tips and additional information.
  • Information to create customized action plans.
  • Thoughtful starting points to incorporate into business reviews.
  • Questions posed and answered live during Advisor talks.


What areas will you organize Parpar to reach your big idea?