Principle 1: Lead Vivaciously

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Internal positioning touches on many topics:

  • Vision, mission, core values;
  • Long range plans and ideas;
  • Structuring teams; and
  • Products, research/development.

Individually, specific skills exist that demonstrate your ability to lead. Through awareness, connection and trust, people will follow others. To that end, Forbes published a test entitled “Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Great Leader?,” which is worth taking today to set a baseline. (Psst. Be honest … no one knows the answers but you.)

People make up business, yet businesses are not people. While seemingly obvious, this tenet is not always practiced easily. In companies made up of one, 10, 100 or even 1,000, there are a percentage of people who believe they are crucial to the business.

Are YOU vital to the business?

No, not by way of filling a role. Each role exists to reduce the impact of change so the organization can move on. Maybe not as well, maybe in a different way – but business continues. Drat! So why are you unique but not vital to the business?

First, hopefully, is a selfish reason: your desire for a life outside of work that facilitates connecting with the world in different ways. A second rationale is more basic: roles within companies are set up to ensure that change can be handled with minimal interruption to customers.

HOWEVER, your particular use of the technology, infrastructure, and all the resources available to do the work will set you apart. The ingenious, creative ways you add value to the experiences of customers and colleagues alike matters. It’s how you show up in the role that makes you – specifically you – a valuable company asset.

Live Parpar!

Huh? What’s that mean?

Parpar” is the Infusion Principle term for dreams and goals – the life you desire to live.

How you bring Parpar to work will differentiate you (on the fringes or in mainstream thinking patterns within the company). Always thinking and acting on the outside edges serves as a limit, the same as only taking mainstream actions.

Each selection made (even when perceiving no available choices) keeps you moving toward … and, maybe, even living your dreams and goals right now. Choosing a path, and the subsequent knowledge stemming from that action, results in a personal confidence impacting how others view you. Show up and add value. Do the work. Others see this and may decide to join you. That makes you a leader.

Leaders Serve the Business

Take a look at  mission and vision of the company you choose to work for today. Your ability to embrace and embody the mission – and live the values – demonstrates that you believe in what the company does. While doing so creates a bit of vulnerability (i.e. showing your values in a business environment), people appreciate and can connect more to the real you.

How can your Parpar support long-term business goals? The way you think; how you approach problems; and your willingness to be open to solutions demonstrate willingness to work collaboratively and on teams. When in play, all these attributes ensure the business maintains its place in the market while also adapting and expanding to serve as many people as possible – within the vision and mission.

Lead Vivaciously
Lead Vivaciously

Teams matter as much as people do. In addition to the qualities that exist when building and putting together teams, the company culture has a significant impact. An organization that wants teams to achieve goals, but hires people who clash in a collaborative environment, limits success. What does this mean for you? Choose the teams and projects on which you participate carefully. If you are the one creating a team, assembling the correct people matters more than required skills.

Without products and services, there is no business! What matters is the evolution of products; exploration of new products; listening to customers; and watching global trends. Your ability to determine what bears listening to, and sharing back with the team, will foster a space for ideas to research and develop with regard to the market(s) the business serves.

Stay Current, Explore Leadership Ideas

Your Advisory Board Online (YABO) consists of passionate people whose success comes from hard work. They are excited to participate in your journey by providing guidance and experience so YOU can reach full potential, and understand how internal positioning benefits both you and your chosen workplace.

The support of YABO advisors enables you to build the skills necessary for leading (as exemplified in The Wheel of Great Leadership infographic): namely, to effectively complete work, as well as support and include coworkers. When people trust you, they follow you! Not always at the top of an organization, leaders can be found anywhere within a business.

In short, a group of skilled, enthusiastic specialists are available to share their know-how and help you focus, laser-like on specific areas of business. That’s YABO … the strength of many minds, in one convenient location!

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