Make Parpar Happen!

What is Infusion Principle’s Your Advisory Board program?

Imagine harnessing your energy for increasing production and creating stronger connections in no extra time.

Yes really, NO EXTRA TIME! You already possess strengths in many areas:

  • Desire to obtain and apply knowledge.
  • Strong wish to support others on their journey.
  • Know many people in various industries and walks of life.
  • Instinctively use what you know to connect with others.
  • Ability to create diverse teams for projects.
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Knowing one sliver of what your Parpar is to understand that it – these abilities – are already within you. Dig into and use these unique set of traits to win more clients, discover more opportunities and enjoy work even more.

Doug sees opportunity. One of his passions is a love of travel. For him freedom entails combining his strengths together to serve others while also traveling from city to city.

At every turn information exists to improve understanding of the world around us. The downside: SO MUCH information exists. Your Advisory Board offers a continuous resource of filtered knowledge. Each Advisor shares expertise and material, promoting achievement for your business and team goals.

Your Advisory Board helped Doug improve his focus; continue to meet amazing people; and work when/how he wants. Join Doug and all the other individuals who are drawing on their strengths to live a life encompassing their passions.

The more learning that occurs, the more adaptable and spontaneous our business decisions can become. Choices made from a whole-business perspective allows for quicker discernment of actionable opportunity.

Subscribing to Your Advisory Board will enable you to:

  • Connect to and implement new ideas in the six main areas of business.
  • Think through more “big picture” concepts while also clearly seeing all moving pieces comprised by your team and/or business.
  • Absorb knowledge to build out ideas and share your evolved concepts with others.
  • Gain knowledge to ensure relevance and mobility.
  • Build inclusive teams, choose vendors and select collaborations that propel where you want to go.


2+3=Parpar >> Discover yours. Join Us.