Who Makes Us Sparkle


Brenda Huckle

A Visual Storyteller

Why Brenda Is That Good: Sometimes, behind a successful woman is a man! In Brenda’s case, the man was her husband. Despite craving a career in arts, she wasn’t sure how to transform her love for drawing into a profession. It was then that her husband suggested she become a photographer, which turned out to a perfect fit for this amazing woman who is fascinated by people and emotions. While most of us only focus on the external aspects of a person, Brenda sees them first from the inside to find their beauty or strength. Her ability to believe in, experience and capture every spellbinding facet of human nature sets her apart from the rest. She says, “When you see it through my eyes every person is beautiful in their own way”. How can one not fall in love with such a positive, loving and optimistic woman?!

What Brenda Is Most Passionate About: People. It is an honor for me to tell their story through my work. I love to watch them move, even if it is just a thought that passes through the eyes. Seeing them live out each movement through their body language and emotions is art at best. I seek immense pleasure in watching their feelings bubble from deep within to become apparent externally. Adding lighting, color, texture, depth and a little artwork to such spontaneous manifestations is a simple, yet powerful form of communication. I am extremely passionate about designing intentionally using emotions, and am blessed to be able to do so every day. I urge everyone to stop living by rote and take some time to appreciate each other. Happiness multiplies by caring for and sharing with each other. Let’s lead beautiful lives together.

What Brings Brenda The Greatest Joy: This came in this morning in an email: “These are AMAZING! Thank you!!!” It makes me feel wonderful to hear how much I have touched peoples’ lives, how I made them feel good about themselves or how their portraits have attracted more clients. The best benefit of what I do is the friendships I make. I love working with people over their lives. I also feel honored to receive such amazing referrals and testimonials. It is very humbling.

Brenda’s Favorite Part of the You’ve Got This Manifesto:
Well, you make it hard because I like many of them. How about two:

What I love and do: Create cool things with cool people.

How I feel about others: You are a unique and beautiful spirit.


Core Team

Eymard Cabling


Why Eymard Is That Good: Eymard was a shy kid who sheltered himself in the basement of his school’s freshmen locker rooms and not talk to anyone until he was picked from school. Social interactions made him very uncomfortable. But instead of letting his reticence overpower him, he chose to empower himself by taking measures to overcome this bashfulness. Eymard started acting in high school in order to relax around and enjoy people. It was the drama club after school that opened him to theater and performing arts. Today, the guy who hid to evade social situations has blossomed into a twenty-year theater veteran. “WOW”, eh?! Eymard is living proof that when you opt to face your challenges, success will ultimately bow down to you.

What Eymard Is Most Passionate About: The stage! I believe theater is a wonderful mechanism to inspire change and stimulate creativity. I have learned throughout my career that telling stories is one of the most beautiful professions in the world, and I am honored to be a part of this organic medium that brings joy and information to people. Edutainment indeed!

What Brings Eymard the Greatest Joy: Seeing people happy and knowing that what I do makes a difference.

Eymard’s Favorite Part of the You’ve Got This Manifesto: I love EVERY statement in your manifesto. It is uplifting, inspiring and instills HOPE within me every time I read it. I guess if I were to pick one, it would be: FILL THE WORLD WITH YOUR TALENT. But, honestly, every line of your manifesto speaks to me and touches me dearly in every way.



Nannette Davis


Why Nannette Is That Good: Nannette epitomizes persistence. She married very young and put herself through pre-med college by doing freelance arts. As a single mother, she quickly learnt that perfection is not as important as progress and focused on being the best mother she could, while also working hard towards fulfilling her own dreams. Unfortunately, a family tragedy derailed Nannettes’ academic career, and she entered the world of Corporate America. But it didn’t take her too long to get disillusioned with the machineries of this system. She then scrambled through a variety of careers – including real estate, professional clowning and managing retail board game stores – until she found her home in printing and graphic design. Nannette has been creating waves as a design professional since 1996. Indeed, this resourceful and resolute woman proves that perseverance always pays off.

What Nannette Is Most Passionate About: I enjoy marrying my left and right brains! While I definitely need to be creative in my life, I also need to solve problems rationally. Hence, I utilize both my imaginative and logical sides to seek solutions. And, of course, I get to be my own boss too – well, sorta – which is great!

What Brings Nannette the Greatest Joy: Professionally, creating a new look/idea/logo/product that resonates with my customer is very fulfilling. Personally, I love warm sandy beaches, sunshine, flying my stunt kite and playing with my grandkids.

Nannette’s Favorite Part of the You’ve Got This Manifesto: Much of it talks to me. My favorite inspirations come from Goethe. I completely agree with “Begin Anywhere. Get Moving” because unless you take the first step, you are never going to place another one in front of it! Of course, “Make Your Own Path” is essentially my middle name. Essentially, the entire manifesto spoke to me because it mirrors how I have lived my whole life.


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Carolyn Hunter


Why Carolyn Is That Good: If ever there was anyone who has FUN with numbers, it is Carolyn! Fondly dubbed as theEinstein of Accounting, Carolyn has been consulting small business owners into the black since before Nora was born. (Probably won’t keep, but fun!). Quick books, Peachtree, and Quicken have nothing on this numbers wizard!

What Carolyn Is Most Passionate About: I love to help people with a part of their business that most either do not like or struggle to do. This allows them to focus their attention on the part of their business that they love – the reason they started their business – while I do what I love, making their accounting all neat and organized and harmonious!

What Brings Carolyn The Greatest Joy: I revel in increasing the efficiency of my clients by helping them with their accounting. I feel fantastic when a client – who had been struggling with their accounting – says “This is such a relief, I feel so much better!” after I help them through it or take it off of their hands.

Carolyn’s Favorite Part of the You’ve Got This Manifesto: That’s easy – Make it Fun!!!

Susan Finch


Why Susan Is That Good: As a twelve year old Susan watched her perfectionist dad stay up late and diligently craft gorgeous, hand-letter posters for golf tournaments, she fell in love with graphic design. She says, “I loved typefaces and how you could express emotion through what you selected.” By the ninth grade, Susan was creating 15 foot banners by hand! Creativity clearly ran in her blood! She found her calling in her first real job that didn’t involve a bar (!), where she learnt how to create beautiful catalogs, price sheets and displays for boat shows. She realized that the combination of design and marketing energized her. Unfortunately, some life-shattering events, including the death of 3 parents within the first six months of her first marriage, forced her to take a hiatus from her blossoming career. Susan could have thrown the towel and conceded defeat. Instead, this indefatigable, ingenious and inimitable woman refused to allow her less-than-ideal circumstances overpower her and brilliantly turned things around. Susan founded a non-profit organization that donates blankets to comfort children in need(Binky Patrol), met her future husband, forged some life-long relationships – and – voila – also got back to a Marketing and PR firm, where she was forced to adapt very quickly. Susan rose up to the challenge and immersed herself in the sparkling world of marketing, design and innovation! When she opened her own business in 2001, this agency signed on and remains her client to date. Indeed, Susan proves that our circumstances don’t define us. Our response to those circumstances does. We can choose to learn from our experiences and rise up or be content playing the victim and never rise! Susan chose the former and has since been energizing others to take control of their lives! Are you applauding yet?!

What Susan Is Most Passionate About: During the course of her long career with advertising agencies and other businesses, Susan learnt that while people craved the knowledge to succeed, they didn’t want to be reminded of their ignorance by supposedly superior and condescending experts. They just wanted to move on and improve. Hence, she has remained very passionate about guiding others towards their chosen destiny by empowering them to seek solutions to problems by believing in themselves and transforming challenges into opportunities for growth. Also, Susan’s upbringing has instilled (within her) the importance of remaining accountable for her actions, and, today, she inspires others to respect their responsibilities and power ahead to fulfill their dreams.

What Brings Susan The Greatest Joy: Enabling others to be more confident and – consequently – successful through my teachings.

Susan’s Favorite Part of the You’ve Got This Manifesto: Grab chaos by the hand!

Debi Davis


Why Debi Is That Good: Debi Davis started working even before graduating high-school! And as someone who has always known what she wanted, she chose to major in communication – with a specific focus on corporate communication – and excelled in jobs she loved. She says, “I’ve never had a job that I didn’t like.” Now, how many of us can truly claim the same?! Clearly, this gifted woman is a motivated doer, a self-starter and a go-getter! Debi realizes the importance of being fluid and adaptable in this technology-driven world where new gadgets, gizmos and tools pop up faster than weeds! In 2009, when she realized that social media is the wave of the future, this quick learner dove in – head first – and is now a successful communication strategist. Debi believes in converting information into knowledge and ideas into action. Hence, she works tirelessly to develop a sustainable social media strategy that sets brands apart, delivers results and creates brand evangelists. For sure, Debi is a beautiful epitome of dedication, determination and due diligence!

What Debi Is Most Passionate About: Learning something new every day! Doing what I do, there are endless opportunities to learn, and learning has never been so satisfying. Knowledge is practically at my fingertips. Here on Google Plus, if I can’t find what I need, all I have to do is ask, and someone is there to offer help.

What Brings Debi The Greatest Joy: Work brings me the greatest joy. I love to work, especially alongside people I respect and admire! My greatest joy comes when I finish the day knowing I’ve been productive – that my best efforts made a difference and were appreciated.

Debi’s Favorite Part of the You’ve Got This Manifesto: “Trust your instincts. Respect your emotions.” Instincts and emotions are at the heart of our being. If we trust and respect ourselves, there’s nothing we can’t do.

The Scott Treatment

The Scott Treatment


Why Scott Is That Good: “Life for me just keeps on getting better and better every day and every year.” This has given Scott permission to pick and choose, then prioritize. To drill down so deep that the casual observer might not know what hit them. It means to be clear, to be persistent, to overwhelm. Is that not then the definition of passion?

Beyond those passions too personal to reveal here, I am passionate about the emerging new world into which we are all traveling and upon which we can choose to make a positive difference.

What is his passion? The potential we might become.

What brings Scott the greatest joy?
 Without getting too saccharine, most of us are on a journey of faith ... if we work hard, do what's right and persevere, things will then turn out all right in the end. What gives me the greatest joy are those moments when I feel I can relax into these words and believe them to be true, and especially when I see them as true in the lives of others.

Scott's resonates with "Reframe Your Beliefs" from the Infusion Principle Manifesto. He believes that within the constraints of this world, we create our own reality. Change your frame, change your world. It's just that simple.