Principle 2: Cultivate Self-Inspiration

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Each of us depletes or energizes our being through personal actions and responses. Regardless of what one’s plan or idea might be, external forces always work to encroach our time and request our energy. More than ever before we:

  • Are asked for more;
  • Want to give as much as possible; and
  • Make sure to show up for chosen obligations.

From the time the alarm goes off (either a clock or an internal biorhythm) so begins the onslaught. Where in all of that … are YOU?

Many spiritual leaders – and people who actively practice meditation – say they are able to do more when finding time to experience stillness and slowing down. My personal journey comprises both experiences!

Principle 2: Cultivate Self-Inspiration
Principle 2: Cultivate Self-Inspiration

go Go GO! as soon as the alarm sounds.

I jump out of bed with my list in mind or hand as I head into the bathroom to brush my teeth and rush around while checking email and social media. My brain is already moving on to what happens after lunch, how I am going to work in planning for tomorrow, and what I have going on later in the week … all within the first five minutes of getting up (with toothbrush still in mouth)! Saying good morning to Ryan and Carter is the last thing on my mind.

Stillness, and a slow wake up.

The alarm sounds … which is a soft bird chirp after the sunrise (a gentle increasing of light to simulate the start of the day). I blink. I stretch. I drink water. Then I decide whether to take a walk, meditate or start getting around. I say good morning to Ryan and help Carter start his day. Maybe, as I drink some tea while Carter is having breakfast, I will check the blogs I follow and read a bit or begin a small house cleaning project.

These are two extremes for me. Usually it is somewhere in the middle – my family’s rhythm dictates the start of the day. Allowing the start to be grounded and calm (in whatever form that takes) creates a mindset of integrity and stability for whatever comes later in the day.

Adaptability and Acceptance

Do you actually move with each event of a day, or let the day happen to you? I learned the difference the hard way – even though both describe adaptability. With the desire to serve and support others, I let days happen to me. I used to wake up, move purposefully through the morning, and as soon as I stepped into the outside world, it was all about everything else – I put myself last, and sometimes I didn’t even get in line.

That scenario pops up from time to time, where, apparently, I’m still working on discovering and accepting gifts of deceleration and stillness. If you have a similar experience, you can relate to the difficulty of breaking the habit. Until a shift happens – a stand taken – the situation perpetuates itself.

Acceptance NEVER is settling. It is the way things are in this moment. Because stuff always happens (mundane or otherwise), accepting where you are in any particular moment opens the door to accepting others where they are … especially when that place is very different from your own. To connect sincerely, a deep inner awareness of what’s happening in YOUR life (again, at that particular moment) is required in order for you to perceive how another shows up.

Self-Awareness and Business

Many ways exist to connect mind and body, and individual approaches to the process are just as vast. What we do to keep that awareness and show up consistently directly impacts the delivery of a businesses mission in accordance with its values.

Your values matter. Every business begins with a purpose, and that purpose solves a problem, brings peace-of-mind, or saves time and money. When your personal values and the values the company in which you choose to work don’t sync, the discord ripples out through the entire organization. Company culture is affected. You are affected.

Realizing the power within creates a responsibility (even finding situations that seem to only present the poorest of options). The ownership that comes with the power of choice is liberating. The energy generated becomes inspiration.

Inspiration Creates

Inspire yourself first. Find what you nerd-out about and use it. That electrifying energy positions you to show up for your roles in life creatively, with integrity. Meaning, the work you choose to do – your contributions to colleagues and customers – fosters the business’s mission to add value to the world.

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