Create useful results.

When starting out in the position you hold right now, there was a steep learning curve. Over time there is an opportunity to become complacent - sometimes without even knowing it. A pattern emerged and you found the groove and kept going. And, as long as what was doing worked, why change?

Newton's first law of physics states an object in motion tends to stay in motion unless an outside force is applied.

If the results aren't useful or aren't relevant any longer - then what? What if you chose to show up, act, and evaluate in a different way?

Business Productivity Wins is finally here.

  • What does it means to show up?
  • What are ideas anyway?
  • Every action is not equal.
  • Questions come in many shapes and sizes.
  • What happens when you don't know (and maybe don't realize you don't know)?
  • Plans evolve, goals don't.
  • The overused concept of metrics and underutilized action of evaluation.

Components of a Complete Plan

Let's say the perfect plan was put together (1. showing up with intention). And, what follows is implementation and execution (2. take purposeful action).

Did you know your senses receive over 11 million bits of information a SECOND. What?! Even though the brain only can handle a tiny fraction of that data, there is competition for your attention.

And, at some point in time, even for a mili-second, most people experience overwhelm. Regardless of what triggers overwhelm, that experience is not pleasant. Your productivity - the use of your energy and resources make the difference. When practiced, a productivity mindset opens the possibility to use the ebbs and flows of emotions, interactions, and experiences as part of chosen course of action.

Without a complete plan, actions on a project aren’t leveraged. A step back from tasks, to-dos, and details allows for a complete plan. A complete plan uses all available resources , the best actions to get you to your goal, and a way to review results (3. evaluation) for improvement next time AND celebrating what was accomplished.

A Not-So-Secret-Weapon


What is success to you? How you define success is based on your life experience, your dreams, and the goals you have. An important point is that comparing yourself to others can create overwhelm.

Instead of worrying about what works (or worked in the past) for other people, what if you focused only on your plan?

Even if just for a moment, set aside everything you have experienced, know, or assume about this topic. It all comes back to: Show up, take action, and evaluate.

The not-so-secret-weapon for time management and productivity is evaluation.

Information can be gathered. Knowledge can be learned. Yet, it takes combining data and knowledge for context. It's that extra dimension, the context, that uncovers opportunities, identifies threats, and illustrates gaps in knowledge. Being honest in these areas requires an emotional intelligence that recognizing being vulnerable is uncomfortable. Yet improvement comes from realizing what makes sense to change or let go of.

Control Over To-Dos
Is more than just list making and prioritization. You have a choice.
Clarify Your Actions
Question what’s always been done. Put on the role of the customer, and set up listening posts.
Strengths & Opportunities
Get real. Define what’s happening today and the 3 year goals. Think. Plan. Act.

Productivity & Fulfillment


Think again, if you think there is no direct correlation. There is. When productivity is achieved: obstacles seem smaller, there seems to be more time for other things, and through it all exist feelings of contentment.

Get Business Productivity Wins for $47

  • Create a plan that best fits your situation and available resources.
  • Show up, take action, and evaluate all have a role in achieving results you want.
  • Overwhelm happens to the best of us, so, what can be done about it?
  • Working could mean just keeping busy and an outside force is necessary to change course.

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