Roll Up Your Sleeves, Get Into Communities

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Your business mission for creating a positive social impact rules the day. Tying that purpose back to customers might seem difficult, yet when a tenuous bond exists the opportunity arises to make true, lasting human connections (as opposed to monetary gains).

Get into the community.

Getting on the front lines isn’t as hard as it seems. Do you have a broad understanding of potential customers? Then you are aware of their lifestyle and how they contribute to society. What if you found a local organization where target customers frequent or volunteer? By patronizing the same organization, you can see firsthand what motivates clients – what they really care about – and then integrate ideas bubbling up from conversations into the business story, adding depth and better showcasing a company’s personality. 

Get Into Communities
Get Into Communities

But my business is independent of geography.

Ya, so … most are. Online sales, video conferencing and the like open up marketplaces. Causes bring people together, and as much as we might be together online, it’s not the same as being together in person

#OFFlineCommunitiesMatter: make some (biz social mission) journeys a face-to-face endeavor.

Support through the sharing of ideas and even witnessing the journeys of our fellow human beings can create a lasting impact. Sometimes being there is the most important point, in order to learn to connect with people in different ways and on diverse levels. To expand our social understanding and learning.

“The point of such activities is not to make money although, as Ben & Jerry’s has shown, sometimes this can be an indirect result. Through the relationships you build by doing such work, your business will become a hub for the community, supporting and fostering the people around it.”  Richard Branson