Shift Your Brilliance!

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“The future is not a result of choices among alternative paths offered by the present, but a place that is created–created first in the mind and will, created next in activity. The future is not some place we are going to, but one we are creating. The paths are not to be found, but made, and the activity of making them, changes both the maker and the destination.”John Schaar


His expressive eyes twinkled in glee and his lips stretched into a beautiful grin as he recounted the story of the young lad who was a misfit in school until he found his calling quite unexpectedly.



Simon T. Bailey’s parents enrolled him in a trade school at Buffalo, NY, but after faring poorly in his courses – and also under-performing in every sport – they, thankfully, transferred him to Bennett High School. It was there that an intuitive English teacher perhaps sensed his internal turmoil and flair for oration, and suggested that he address the entire school.


Things clicked into place.


That was the beginning of Simon’s highly successful career as a motivational speaker and inspirational guru. The best-selling author of seven books, his masterpiece, Release Your Brilliance’, was ranked No. 17 of the top 100 books read by executives across the USA He has stimulated the creativity, improved the productivity and enhanced the efficiency of a variety of clients, from small business owners to the nation’s most brilliant thinkers.


Until that fateful day in high school, Mr. Bailey was simply fulfilling someone else’s vision. He was desperately trying to settle into a life that didn’t belong to him. But, if you believe in yourself sufficiently and keep an open mind, your passion always has a way of finding you. To quote him: What you want wants YOU. You never have a desire for something unless you were already prewired to do it.”


Simon has NOT looked back since he realized his own skills. Yes, it has not been a smooth ride throughout, but every curveball has only spurred him to become bigger and better than before.


A lot of us should be able to relate to this charismatic author’s journey. We are all born with unique aptitudes and abilities, destined to make our dreams come true and shine bright. Unfortunately, internal and external ‘trash talk’ successfully reduce our self-worth until our desires simply appear silly. In essence, we are defeated even before we start!


Instead, what if we pay heed to that whispering voice in our hearts that wants to unleash its creativity? What if we chose to release our brilliance against all odds? What if we live the life of our dreams?


Simon came on a show hosted by Christine L. Bowen – ace network marketer – and had an insightful conversation with an esteemed panel of extraordinary entrepreneurs about the POWER of breaking the norms and pursuing your passion. His newest book – Shift Your Brilliance – just hit the stores and has already garnered rave reviews for its practical tips and heartfelt guidance.


Following are five (plus ONE) takeaways – based on the conversation AND the book – that will motivate you to be the best versions of yourself every single day of your life:


  1. Your Attitude Determines Your Actions


“Your life will move in the direction of your most dominant dialogue” – Simon T. Bailey


Self-defeatist attitude or negative self-talk is one of the primary causes for mediocrity. The more you put yourself down, the more you are stepping away from your goals – because what you think translates into how you feel and what you do. Also, if you never give yourself enough credit and believe in your potential, how are you ever going to rise above your insecurities and convince others to believe in you?


In order to build the life of your dreams, you need to possess the proper mindset. That is NOT to say that you have to be over-confident. But being pessimistic is just as bad as being overly optimistic. Any extreme state of mind is never going to help you inch closer to your goals.


Once you opt to place faith in yourself, you will no longer always rely on others for motivation. You will start recognizing your fears, and figure out what is paralyzing you from moving ahead. You will start taking take steps to address and – potentially – overcome these challenges. Excuses will fade away and you will live life from the ‘inside out’.


As a result of this proactivity , you will become accountable for your actions and will no longer tolerate ordinariness. You will NOT wait for change to happen. You will MAKE change happen. Excellence will be your only option. You will seek guidance from your mentors, be open to new opportunities, tap into your authentic self, learn from your mistakes and, consequently, experience continuous growth.


To quote Mr. Bailey, “Think inside the box. Value your own genius. Start living your life by design, not default.”


In order to attain success, you have to start somewhere. Why don’t you start with you? BELIEVE that you have something important to offer to this world – because YOU DO – and watch your courage and confidence blossom.



  1. Be Future Present or Vuja De


Right now, two things are happening: you are both being and becoming at the same time. And the prefix for both the words is “BE”.” – Simon T. Bailey


If there is ONE moral of “Shift Your Brilliance”, it is to be ‘future present’. Being future present indicates that, instead of waiting for your future, your self-belief about a successful tomorrow is so strong that these possibilities become ‘proverbial’. In essence, you will PULL the future TOWARDS you. When you are future-present, you don’t ask “WHY”, you only ask “HOW”. Recognizing your deepest desires – or wants – will assist you to understand how to BE, step into THAT moment and start living from the place of the future.

Your words, thoughts – and even your daydreams – will all be manifestations of that golden tomorrow. This attitude will – in turn- attract the proper people into your magnetic field, and each of them will become a piece of the puzzle that is missing for you to enter your future. In Simon’s words, “when you understand that the future is created in the present, you don’t walk into the future, you quantum leap into the future”.

When you are future-present, your energy is not dissipated in different directions. You are giving your ALL to the NOW. You become so present in the moment that, to steal Mr. Bailey’s insight, you are not in the room – the room is in YOU.

In all, being future-present implies that you realize your possibilities TODAY and, thereby, own ONLY ONE attitude: that of success.


  1. Listen to the “Little Voice” in Your Heart and Blaze Your Own Trail


Hear conversation in your spirit about who you are becoming. What you hear, you say and see.” – Simon T. Bailey


Try this experiment.

Every day, shut off all distractions – including mass media, social media and music – and sit outside for a few minutes during your favorite time of the day. Become one with nature. Take a deep cleansing breath and release any negative energy. Then let your mind wander. Give it complete freedom to take any course. Let it loose. Unleash its imagination.

If you do this frequently, you will slowly start connecting with your ‘inner voice’. This voice never lies. This voice is your best friend. This voice is unsullied and unique.

Sadly, our deepest desires are strangled by our own insecurity and the world’s love affair with the ‘norm’. We are taught to be comfortable with the ‘what is’ instead of exploring ‘what can be’. Circumstances and naysayers – both within AND outside you – successfully blend us with the crowd until we forget how to be distinctive. You forget how to be YOU. You fail to pay any attention to that ‘little voice in your heart’ that desperately craves to be heard. As a result, most of us only leave – what Simon refers to as – a fleeting impression. We don’t give ourselves the chance to etch a ‘lasting imprint’.

What most people forget is that in a world that is obsessed with being ‘practical and following the rule’, all the greatest discoveries were pioneered by those who dared to dream, dared to break the rules and dared to blaze their own trail.

Don’t you think it’s time you move away from cruise control and take control of your life too?


Yes, traveling on the ‘road not taken’ is hard. Very hard. You will stumble, lose your way, be frustrated, face a lot of self-doubt and – most importantly – fear. When you are in the zone of discomfort, you WILL pay your dues.

However, remember that these ‘dues’ will be worth it. When you ‘shift your brilliance’, others will be inspired to do the same. Suddenly, those who urged you to be ‘common’ will become awe-inspired by your ability to dream, disrupt and deliver.


And this magic happens only when you “put into action that little voice in your spirit”. Are you ready to listen?


  1. Acquire a Fresh Vision and Take Action


I think often times when people are not operating from a place of wholeness, there is a split in their soul, and their energy is scattered in a million different directions” – Simon T. Bailey

An important consequence of listening to your deepest desire is that you begin to start looking at things with new eyes. You seek the uncommon in the common. You become more open-minded to life’s experiences. As you let in a creative wave of possibilities into your mind, your vision experiences a beautiful shift.


You start to constantly scan your environment to know where you are headed. You reexamine your priorities and scrutinize various possibilities. Nothing seems impossible to you. To paraphrase Simon, you commit to being a lifelong learner by continually seeking new perspectives with the expectation of brilliant outcomes. And, sometimes, acquiring a new vision might mean taking U-turns and backtracking so you are finally on the correct track!

That said, being cognizant of your inner voice and obtaining novel insights is not enough. You have to take action that drives results. And in order to derive success, you need to minimize diversions and dispense your energy selectively. As Mr. Bailey notes in the book, “Energy invested in the right activities will drive the results and outcomes you want.” 

Create a clear, candid, compelling statement about your mission and objectives.Then pinpoint your energy in the accurate direction and become laser-focused as you move steadily towards fulfilling your life’s purpose. Consequently, instead of chasing your dreams, your dreams will become enticed by YOUR steadfast perseverance and will chase you!


So wake up to your powerful potential, visualize your future and take calculated steps to attract success towards you. How can it ever resist your pull?


  1. Get Empowered by Rejection


Look for creative ways to sidestep the Nos and realize they are just invitations to grow – Simon T. Bailey

Raise your hand if you ever given up or thought about giving up at the first instance of rejection. Not a single person likes to be rejected: it is devaluing, dispiriting, discouraging.

But, ironically, every successful person has been rejected at least once – and generally multiple times – before hitting bull’s eye. Simon himself suffered through similar testing times. His manuscript for Release Your Brilliance was mocked frequently before ONE publishing house believed in his talent. The rest is history – his book was, as mentioned in the introduction, one of top 20 most popular business books read by Corporate America.

Successful people do not look at refutation as a dead-end. They perceive it as a minor rest area where they can reassess their options and opportunities before forging straight ahead. Mr Bailey asserts that when you want to succeed, you don’t think about what you are going through. You just focus on what you are going towards.

Just like you don’t stop driving due to minor humps on the road, don’t stop striving to achieve your dreams due to denunciations. Every time someone says “NO”, reframe their negativity. Figure out WHY they are denying your desires? Delve into your past to realize what is holding you back, but do NOT dwell on your supposed ‘failure’. Check out the rear-window of your life to gain perspective, but focus primarily on the windshield of your future!

Finally, remind yourself that a few people are putting you down because the RIGHT PERSON is waiting to prop you up! After all, it takes but ONE human being to transform your life for the better.

One of the ways you can translate rejection into retribution is by focusing on what kindles your motivation. What ignites you every day to wake up and continue uninhibitedly towards satisfying your objectives? WHY do you want to do what you want to do? And every time you feel blue, beaten and behind, reflect on this WHY. More often than not, your reason to succeed will prove sufficient to re-awaken your creativity and commitment.

IF you are not able to trust your dreams in the face of rejection, talk to someone trust-worthy who can act as an objective sounding board. Then pay attention to their recommendations and suggestions, make the necessary changes and try again.

In order to accomplish something worthwhile in life, you have to be accepting of criticism – both the healthy and unhealthy kind – and react appropriately. Ignore the trolls and embrace those who mean well. Because you deserve to triumph!

Think about how often you knowingly travel in the wrong direction simply because you are afraid to embark on the journey of your dreams? Isn’t it better to ‘fail forward’ than not try at all? Isn’t it better to face rejection and grow than remain stagnant? Isn’t it better to toughen up and continue – unfazed – in the pursuit of your passion than cower and never fly?


So toughen up and forge ahead. You will look back later and smile!


  1. Surround Yourself with the Right People


“Everyone needs to realize that relationship is the currency of the future. Find your tribe, engage and connect with them early and often”Simon T. Bailey


The five Ps of success are: passion or purpose, patience, proactivity, persistence and PEOPLE. While the first four Ps have been discussed extensively in the preceding paragraphs, the most important “P”- aka people – has been saved for the last.

Simply put, you cannot realize your desires without loyal people in your life. Even if you are a loner you enjoys working alone, you still need a support system to encourage, energize and enthuse you to be the best version of yourself every day.

In “Shift Your Brilliance”, the author refers to three categories of people: (a) high-octane ones who generate positive vibes and encouragement; (b) middle-grade supporters who instill us with enough power to keep us moving; (c) lower-grade naysayers whose goal is to keep us from meeting our potential. Whom you associate with is YOUR CHOICE, but it would definitely be prudent to stay away from Category (c), eh?! Quoting Mr. Bailey, “You can either feed into another person’s dismal outlook or walk away”

Further, not only will you benefit by having sanguine confidants, but – like any other healthy relationship – this interaction will be reciprocal in that you too will stimulate the same people to blossom in life! When you help unlock their dilemma or problem that is holding them back from gleaming luminously, they will be spurred to pay your goodness forward by helping others make a positive shift towards brilliance. It’s a win-win situation for all!

Therefore, make an effort to interact with high-octane achievers. In Simon’s words, “maybe your opportunity to shift is to go out and meet just ONE person”. Find YOUR tribe and connect genuinely with them. Your authenticity will be well-rewarded with wonderful opportunities and lifelong relationships based on trust and transparency.

Simon Bailey

It’ s Time to Shift Your Brilliance


Each moment in your day, you have the choice to go beyond your potential” – Simon T. Bailey


If obtaining success was stress-free, everyone would flourish. But – alas – success is a very demanding reward. It requires listening to your inmost yearnings, being uncomfortable with the comfortable, acquiring a unique vision, controlling your life’s steering wheel, forging mutually satisfying relationships, becoming immune to rejection and –most importantly – investing energy wisely and taking result-oriented action!


Phew- that’s quite a list! BUT people do prosper, which means you too can! Where there is internal alignment between your head, heart and hands, there is external execution. Move beyond short-term gratification and aim for long-term pleasure. When your passion becomes your profession, your journey will take on a meaning, and you will – very willingly – go that extra mile by accelerating your actions above and beyond what is needed.


And when you work hard without expectations, the rewards you receive will exceed your expectations. According to Simon, “Shifting yourself and creating your future is a marathon, not a sprint”. In essence, slow and steady does win the race!

Be determined and dedicated enough to place one step in front of the other and continuously develop!


Are you eager to eschew mediocrity and endeavor for a lifestyle of excellence?