What is Infusion Principle’s Your Advisory Board program?

Your Advisory Board


As a business owner, you know how important it is to spend time developing your business. So much information so many fantastic ideas – they are alluring …. and many are not achieving the results they want due to so many choices and options.

Sound familiar?

Everything we think about running our business can be overwhelming – the idea of planning for thinking and creative time when tasks, collaborations, and client work seem to demand attention too.

Your Advisory Board brings you the power of many minds, all in one place. This group of experts will share an idea with you, help focus your attention on a single aspect of your business.

Over time, every single piece of your business receives attention required for you to:

  •  understand what your business does for you
  • where you want to take your business
  • think creatively, playfully and critically about how you and your business fit together
  • develop programs, processes, and systems
  • achieve the results you want
  • connect with other business owners and senior managers

Accountability is what we all need. When it comes to self and business strategy – we need it even more. Start putting yourself first:

  • decide, with confidence, what doesn’t serve you and let it go.
  • discover the strategies that will help you develop your platform.
  • a resource library of ideas and insider expert knowledge and opinions.

Coming soon

Three stories of cool people with drive to reach their goals

You will LOVE Your Advisory Board if you: 

  • Are a business owner, senior manager, or team member that wants to grow yourself, your team, and seek out additional ways of thinking.
  • Feel stifled or stuck in your work.
  • Want to put yourself first (in work and life) and are struggling with that.
  • Jumped into business with fervor and are looking for help and guidance.
  • In the middle of a project and want ideas to complete the project.

What’s Included For You:

  • Rub elbows with Your Advisory Board experts. (Your Advisory Board changes each year to keep connecting you to new business and life experts to expand your network.)
  • Member-only content including written articles, video presentations, and question/answer resources.
  • Member-only online events with each Advisory Board member.
  • Interviews with Your Advisory Board Members exploring a challenge and shaping an actionable solution.